10 Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra

The heart, considered the Seat of the Soul, is our doorway to our freedom and our connection back to our self. The heart which has the largest electromagnetic field in our body, speaks to us through our intuition and truth and if we listen, helps us to make decisions in our day to day life. It is the center and home to our deepest desires.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, a balanced Heart Chakra is what we are striving for. Having an open heart center colours our daily life with compassion, love, joy and beauty.

This gorgeous spinning, energy vortex , called the Rainbow Bridge, is located right in the center of our chest. It corresponds not only to our heart, but to our lungs, breasts and thymus gland.

Connecting the lower and upper Chakras, it is the integrating point of earthly matters and spiritual aspirations. The Heart Chakra teaches us about connection, relationships, love, transformation and how we show up in our relationship with ourselves and others.

When we live our life through the experience of an open and balanced Heart Chakra, we can clearly see the reality of the situations in our life and act with compassion and discernment. Our life flows effortlessly and we are able to fill up our own internal cup by using the energy of the Heart Chakra to
self sustain.

We learn to not self sacrifice to please others, but rather to fill our own cup first and then let the excess energy overflow to helping and loving others.
When we regularly follow our own joy and bliss we self generate the energy needed to sustain our Heart Chakra.

Unfortunately, when our Heart Chakra is closed or imbalanced, due to life circumstances, emotional issues or unresolved grief, there becomes a blockage in our energy flow through this Chakra. Imbalances in a Chakra can show up emotionally, physically or spiritually thus signifying your energy system may need some tender love and care.

Some physical signs of a blocked Heart Chakra can include respiratory issues, lung problems, bronchitis, asthma, circulation issues, breast and heart related issues.
Some emotional and spiritual signs of a closed or imbalanced Heart Chakra can include holding grudges, anger, feeling disconnected, lack of empathy, inability to trust others, jealousy, people pleasing, codependency, fear of intimacy, chronic relationship issues and an overall sense of being closed off from the joy of life.
These emotions can eventually grow into manipulative behaviors in an attempt to get one's needs met outside of self. These are some signs of a Heart Chakra that needs to be healed.

Learning how to open, balance and heal your Heart Chakra is well worth the time and effort.

Ten simple things that you can start doing to give your Heart Chakra a little love tune-up are:

No. 1
Be appreciative and express gratitude for the gifts and blessings in your life. Show and feel appreciation for yourself, your health, your family and friends. Look around your world and gratefully acknowledge the things that make you happy. Appreciation holds the same vibration of love. This state allows the full force of universal love and compassion into your energy field.

No. 2
Connect with your heart and practice forgiveness for yourself and others. This brings us into a state of openness and receptivity. We all operate from the level of awareness and perception that we are at. Acknowledging that in all circumstances everyone is doing the best that they can with the skill set and knowledge that they have at the time. Stepping outside of the story that you create in your mind about others, will help to clear the dense residual energy that you are holding in your Heart Chakra.

No. 3
Focus on the act of giving and receiving to yourself and others. The act of giving to another raises your vibration and therefore assists in opening your Heart Chakra. The act of being open to receive from another, whether words, objects or simply their presence evokes a state of love and healing.

No. 4
Engage in activities that bring joy into your life and feed your heart. Find that special something that you love to do; that you can get deeply engrossed in. Being in this state is a healing balm for your Heart Chakra.

No. 5
Cultivate self-compassion and acceptance for yourself, your life, your choices and your body. It's time to focus on yourself and fall in love with the person that you truly are.

No. 6
Experiment with heart opening yoga poses like cobra, wheel, camel, cat and upward facing dog. All of these poses are designed to open the space at the front and back of your Heart Chakra; assisting your energy in moving into your Heart Chakra and clearing and opening this space for healing.

No. 7
Practice heart opening meditations to help restore proper energy flow through your Heart Chakra. The silent and relaxing state that you enter into when engaging in meditation, can assist in healing a closed Heart Chakra. It is advisable to take the time to find what works best for you. Guided meditations are always a great way to start when beginning a meditation practice.

No. 8
The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra. Wearing green clothes, eating green foods and surrounding yourself in nature is an energetic and vibrational match that can help to open and balance the Heart Chakra.

No. 9
Because Heart Chakra imbalances are often associated with self esteem and worthiness issues, the use of positive affirmations incorporated into your daily life, will help to open and balance your Heart Chakra. Some great affirmations to start with are:

No. 10
Working with crystals is a great way to open and balance your Heart Chakra. Since crystals are gorgeous, just looking at them and their exquisiteness are enough to bring joy and an uplifted spirit to you. Some crystals that work specifically with the Heart Chakra are:


Finding ways to live in the present moment and from your heart space will help you to emanate your true essence into the world. Being fully present and aware will help you to embody love, joy and freedom in your life. Since love is your natural state of being, living from an open and balanced Heart Chakra creates wholeness in your lives, elevates your vibration and helps you to be in the perfect state to manifest your heart's desires.

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