11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

You can't go anywhere these days without seeing some reference to "good vibes". What exactly does it mean to have good vibes? We are all energy. Energy vibrates. Even though we can't see it, we can feel it.  

When you are feeling happy, excited, exuberant, joyful, your vibration is high.  In contrast, when you are feeling anxious, unhappy or frustrated, your vibration is low.  The good news is that at any point, at any time,  you can take low vibes and turn them into high vibes. 

While we can't control anything  that happens outside of us, we are in full charge of our own "inner state. Here are 11 ways to quickly and easily raise your vibration, so you can feel happier in your life. Choose the ones that work for you and watch what happens. 

1- Eat More Green Stuff
The vibration of live plants are the highest of any food groups. Greens are healing for your cells and overall system making your body feel healthy and alive.

2 -Take Off  Your Shoes
Walk barefoot and let the grass touch your skin. The energy of the earth will flow right through your body and help you feel connected and safe. 

3- Embrace Your Inner Creatrix
Let your creativity flow freely in whatever form feels good to you. Paint, cook, bake, sing and dance your way to high vibes. 

4 - Give Away a Hug
Did you know that holding a hug for 20 seconds sends endorphins rising and your vibration will follow?

5 - Clean Stuff
Empty your purse, your car, your pockets. Airing out your space will do wonders for your energy and leaving empty space for the Universe to fill it with more good things. 

6 - Connect With a High Vibing Friend
You know how it feels to be around that someone who's energy lifts you up. Choose to be around that kind of person. Better yet, be that kind of person. 

7- Compliment a Stranger
Your compliment may be the nicest thing they've heard all day. Imagining that you've just helped someone else be happy for even one moment will bring your state to the highest level. 

8- Take a Long, Hot, Luxurious Bath
Sprinkle Himalayan sea salt and lavender essential oil for a deep treat. Add to the ambiance with flickering candle light and chakra aligning music and ooohhlala. 

9 - Turn On the Music and Dance
You know the deal. Dance like no body is watching but if they were watching, they would be compelled to join in with your joyful spirit.

10- Do Your Thing
You got this! What's that thing that makes you feel energized, exuberant and excited? Do that thing! It's a sure fire way to get yourself and everyone around you vibrating higher. 

11 - Give Yourself a Tatt on the Back
Put on some gorgeous ink and use it to affirm and declare to the world what you are intending to be.

You got this!

Remember: Go Inside + Raise Your Vibe + Give yourself a TATT on the back. (or anywhere else you deem fit) 


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