6 Ways to Create Positive Momentum

Life is created through our small daily choices.

Every day we get to choose how we feel. Every day we get to choose who and what we let into our life. Every day we get to choose what our day will consist of.

How do you wake up feeling each day?

What are the first thoughts that come into your mind each day?

Are they proactive or reactive?

Are they judgmental of others?

Are they critical of self?

Take some time to acknowledge where your thoughts hover each day.

What area or pattern of thoughts does your mind tend to gravitate towards each day?

Your repetitive thoughts will create the vibrational set point for your ongoing reality. Like the grooves in a record player, repetitive cycles of thoughts etch their way into your psyche and create your reality.

The way to change your reality is to change the pattern of your ongoing thoughts.  Conscious awareness of your thoughts allows you to make changes in the patterns and ways you think.

If you wake up each day with the same set of issues, stories, beliefs and judgements, then your day will also be a reflection of the same ongoing status quo.

What is needed is a pattern interrupt.

Making small incremental changes in your daily patterns and thoughts will change your world over time.

You can liken it to following your GPS.  Wherever you start out, if you continuously move forward, making incremental changes along with your designated twists and turns, you will eventually get to where you desire to be.

The same is true with your life. Take baby steps in the direction you want to go.

How can you keep up your internal forward momentum when life is heavy and people and things get in your way?

Here are 6 tools to keep your momentum going, keep your energetic space clear and keep you on your track.

1) Focus on what you have and be grateful for that

There is a lot of focus on gratitude, especially this time of year.

Gratitude is your way of showing the universe that you are accepting and acknowledging the people and things in your life. Whether it's the food in your refrigerator, the car in your driveway, or the clothes in your closet, be grateful. That is actually more than most people have. The universe is your friend, when you are grateful for what you have, you will receive more things to be grateful for. Gratitude is the one emotion that we experience, that keeps us directly connected to our source of supply in life. 

2) Set daily intentions

Your intentions don't need to be as big as world peace or winning the mega lottery. Your intentions can be small daily acknowledgments of what you desire your life to be filled with. You can set an intention for a peaceful holiday with your family or an intention for a smooth, safe ride to work.

An intention is merely your way of communicating your positive thoughts and desires to the universe, with the expectation of having them met.

3) Trust the process

Sometimes things need to align outside of your control before that thing that you desire comes to you. Being in a state of openness, relaxation and receiving creates an environment within you for things to flow to you. Patience is a skill worth mastering. The universe flows best with ease. If your plate is too full to experience effortless ease, it may be time to take a few things off your plate.

4)  Take a judgement detox

Most people are just like you. They are doing the best that they can with the tools at their disposal. Some people are further along in their growth process and other people are still in the beginning of their spiritual and energetic growth. You can never truly understand all of the intricacies of another persons experience, reality, needs, desires, beliefs, fears, and motivations. All you can do is hold space for another and choose whether you spend your precious time with them or not. The dense energy of holding judgment can derail you on your own personal journey.

5)  Forgive others and yourself

The energy of holding resentments towards others as well as being critical of yourself will keep you stuck. It may not reflect in your whole life, but the parts of your consciousness that are holding on to judgements and grievances will keep you energetically stuck. Since we are wholistic beings... where one part of our psyche is stuck, so is the whole. As a matter of fact, "We Are All One". An easy tool is to use the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer of Ho'oponopono. To do this, you focus on the person, self or issue that needs reconciliation or forgiveness and simply repeat out loud or to yourself. Then you release and let the universe to the rest.





Ho'oponopono can help restore harmony within and with others.

Choosing your thoughts, setting daily intentions, being in a state of gratitude and trust, releasing judgements, and practicing forgiveness are beneficial energy exercises to do daily.

6) Make a statement

And if you'd like a daily reminder to keep you on track, you can always add high vibrational body art placing your inspirations, affirmations and declarations right where you can see them.