Ink. Play. Love. Manifesto

A manifesto for creative inkers, world changers, peace lovers , freedom seekers & lovers of life.


You are a spark of the Divine. Of course you  are enough. 


You were meant to share your gifts with the world. 


Be in the moment and let love guide you. 


Make your life your passion.


Now's good. 


Your life challenges are your stepping stones that lead you to growth. 


Allow love to lead you to the highest and best choice. 


Love, kindness and forgiveness are the way through every thing.


Find your story and then let it go... write a new one.


There is no such thing as too much play. 


As you move through the process of VIBRATING HIGHER, what no longer works will fall away. 


Say grace, sip slowly and savor everything.  


Smile at someone everyday. 


Lead with your heart.  Always asking, is this the most loving thing I can do right now? 


Be still (for at least 10 minutes every day)


Sprinkle kindness wherever you go. 


Use your light to brighten the world. 


Invite someone up instead of calling them out. 


Remember we're all in this together.